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I'm going to be submitting a song to a contest that will be a revamp of one of the songs that I have here. If it becomes a problem, please understand, despite the fact that the song will be submitted under a different artist name doesn't mean that it isn't me. Things have been changing and I've been changing with them. The submitted song will be a revamp of Alternatives, which, if things go well, won't be posted here or elsewhere because it will have won the contest.

Either way, this post is merely to clarify that the submitted song is not, and has not been stolen. Hopefully this will clear things up before they occur.


2011-09-23 01:08:56 by TheClockStruckOne

So I know that not too many people watch me on here, but I'm posting this to let most of you know that I'm going to be posting the majority of my stuff on FA from now on, though an occasional song will be dropped here from time to time.

That is all.

Well, here I am

2009-10-10 19:09:38 by TheClockStruckOne

Hello people of Newgrounds. I've been making music for a while but have only recently decided to post any of it, seeing as I have recently gotten FL Studio and am finally satisfied with my results. If you hear my music and like it, then that's great. If not, that's fine, because for now I'll mainly be using this as a place to put music I want to show to my friends. Other than that I don't really have anything else to say so, for now, I'm off.